need to write:

kikwang ( starter )
myungsoo ( starter ) 
changmin ( starter )

waiting on:

jiyeon ( our time )
gosoo ( we’re all broken )
uee ( starter ) 

plot with:

everyone im cRIES 

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xmen-gosoo: [text] tell me i have swag and i'll stop forever [text] ψ(`∇´)ψ

[text] ignoring your texts would be easier. 

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xmen gosoo   
xmen-gosoo: [text] but what fun is there in me texting like an adult when i am attempting to dabble in the 'hip,' and 'swag' stuff these punks are into these days? [text] ... 【・ヘ・?】

[text] the key word here is “attempting” 

[text] oh my god please stop 

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xmen gosoo   
Anonymous: So Jungah is married to Gosoo?



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xmen-gosoo: [text] WAT IS INSTAGRAM [text] can i hav 1????? [text] (・◇・)

[text] I thought I told you to never text me ever again or else I’d drop your phone in water. 

[text] and no, you can’t. no one cares about what you take pictures of.

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(/ she couldn’t imagine calling the older female by any other name because it had become some sort of an inextinguishable habit. the other’s company gave her a sense of reassurance and comfort in a rather enigmatic way. being down in the underground base for so long actually gave her a reason to be excited to go out from time to time ) 

(/ as soon as jungah had returned to the brotherhood base, she had also returned to assuming the unofficial position of base-mother. while she wasn’t quite as touchy-feely as gosoo [or at all] she still reluctantly tidied up after others, unable to stand a mess, shushed up those at the dinner table who didn’t understand the concept of an inside voice, and didn’t hesitate to pull a few ears, or smack a few heads to make a point with the more .. troublemaking children

and thank god for jiyeon, because if she didn’t have at least a couple of good “kids,” she would be a much more violent mother. she steps out the doors of the base, taking a pair of keys out of her pocket ) 

hey, are you ready? (/ with a small albeit pleased smile, jungah tilted her head to motion for the younger girl to follow her ) come on, tell me what you’ve been up to for the past four months without me.

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Save your nagging for the people who need it. (/he grins teasingly, a slight lilt evident in his tone) Slash the people who’ll actually take it to heart.

'thank you jungah, you're so sweet jungah, what would I do without you jungah,' (/ her eyes roll for good measure, voice feigning an annoyed mock-tone despite her smile. she liked talking to gosoo, she could tolerate him ) not insane. I’m just not giving up, I can’t. (/ her voice somewhat drops to a murmur as she dabs the blood, eyes focused ) I owe them this, at least. it’s not— … it’s not fair to just let it go. police are shit, they never fix or solve anything, just a incompetent bunch of jackasses. (/ suddenly her movements slightly slow, hesitation takes over just briefly, and she can feel her heart sink a little, as she forces a small smile )  and.. they deserve more than that.

okay, no more nagging. (/ the disguised cough causes jungah to look up at the back of his head momentarily, before looking back at his wounds. though she told him no more nagging, but that was of course, a lie ) tell me about your mission and how you failed to visit an infirmary as soon as you got back. .. not nagging, just making conversation. 

(/ a small laugh escapes her, feeling a slight weight lift off her shoulders ) no way. one of us has to stay alive to make sure all the kids here have a good elder to look up to. and you’re older, so I call dibs on not having to deal with that. sorry, oppa. you’re nicer than I am, anyways. 

did you just inadvertently tell me you don’t take my words to heart? ouch. don’t think I won’t take your phone and downgrade you so you can’t text for your harshness.

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I was about to head to the infirmary, but I guess this is better. (/he smiles wryly, mood still ‘up’ despite the searing pain he feels in his back and on his arms) Don’t spill the rubbing alcohol on me like last time.

How was your … search?

you’d be screwed without me. and I sterilized the wounds, didn’t I? that’s a job well done in my book. (/ without missing a beat, jungah sits herself down behind him, letting the supplies spill out of her arms. she takes a moment to organize everything in alphabetical order, a sigh brushing past her lips ) it was a bust, like always. but I’ve got some time left. (/ once her OCD dials down the crazy and she finally looks up to examine his wounds, jungah picks up the bottle of rubbing alcohol and pours a healthy dose on the first wound she sees ) 

what in the hell happened to you. I left you alone for four months. … oh my god, what is going to happen to you when I die? 

(/ when the initial motherly instinct dies down, her expression softens, and she moves to gently wipe the running blood and alcohol off his arm, wincing whenever she comes over a wound. she would like to yell at him. actually, she would love to slap him around a little, because he’s a grown man goddammit and it’s not that hard to make sure you get yourself patched up

but her soft spot for gosoo tells her to go easy on him, so instead she lowers her voice ) seriously, you need to take care of yourself. (/ a frown begins to form when she starts to apply bandages to right arm ) you know I won’t be here to nag you forever, as much I would just looove to do that. 

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(/ four months was not enough time to accomplish what she needed to do; it wasn’t enough time to find closure, something she had been desperate for for several years now, and a small voice in the back of her head tells her to stop the goose chase, because she was never going to find who she was looking for 

her hand reaches for a bottle of neosporin and a roll of bandages along with other miscellaneous medical items and like clockwork she’s out the door, making sure to keep her head down, avoiding any sort of eye contact with other members [because heaven forbid kim jungah speaks when she doesn’t need to] until she finally reaches his door, pointlessly knocking on it briefly 

… and then opening the door and letting herself in ) 

hey, (/ she holds up the miniature kit with a smile ) I brought presents. and no, you don’t get a say in this, so let’s take a look at all the trouble you’ve caused since I’ve been gone. 

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